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Rhino 8 ShrinkWrap Video Published

ShrinkWrap Video Announced

Rhino 8 is here and one of the features we're most excited about is the ShrinkWrap command.

If you want to create a watertight mesh from geometry that might be less than perfect then check out ShrinkWrap and see what it can do!

To help you learn about, and see the full power of, ShrinkWrap in Rhino 8 we've created a video looking at the basics of the ShrinkWrap command followed by exercises using real-life projects.

Image is 3 rabbits

ShrinkWrap is great - but what else should I know about Rhino 8?

Find out more about Rhino 8 and it's new features in our Rhino 8 is Shipping post and stay tuned to Simply Rhino as coming (very) soon is our next Rhino 8 video in which we look at SubD Creases.

Contact us for more information on Rhino license options or if you would like to upgrade to Rhino 8 or buy a new Rhino 8 license online then visit the Rhino Webstore.

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