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Enscape 4.0 is launched

Enscape 4.0 is here and it works across Mac OS X and Windows!

Enscape 4.0 Launch Banner

What's New in Enscape 4.0?

  • Enscape 4.0 is a cross platform product, so now users on the Mac platform get the same great Enscape product as those on Windows
  • Specific enhancements now available for Mac users include:
    • Adjustable assets
    • Dynamic asset placement
    • Custom Asset Library
    • Custom Asset Editor
    • Site context
    • BIM data
    • Collaborative Annotations
  • All users will note the following new features, including
    • Enhanced vegetation and people assets
    • NVIDIA Denoiser for capture exports
    • V-Ray scene export update
    • Sleeker UI design

For more information visit the Enscape product page.

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