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BEAM - Rhino & Revit Interoperability

Sharing Rhino & Revit data is a complex business right? Since Flux is no more we are reliant on complex workflows, correct? Well not any longer, take a look at BEAM, the elegant interoperability solution for Rhino & Revit users.

BEAM Promo Video from the developers at MKSDTECH


An elegant solution to a challenging problem, Rhino and Revit file and data interchange made simple. Connecting Rhino3d and Revit, BEAM has the tools to assign parameters within Rhino and to then bring these same models seamlessly into Revit.

BEAM allows the designer to consider Rhino as the new free-form geometry engine for Revit. Synchronised, bidirectional sharing of models, supporting rapid and simple file transfer. Use Rhino elements such as polylines and points to control adaptive component placement within Revit, Rhino blocks to Revit Family instances.

Choose the storage platform for the customised cache file as BEAM is designed for team collaboration, Remember Flux? BEAM functions in the cloud and / or on your own network infrastructure, so security levels are determined by you. BEAM is available from Simply Rhino now for £295 plus VAT per Year.

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