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Rhino 8 is here and shipping!

Rhino 8 has arrived and it brings with it new features and many improvements including, ShrinkWrap, SubD weighted Creases, PushPull tools, a big speed boost with Rhino 8 for Mac, and more.

What's New in Rhino 8?

NEW - ShrinkWrap, a new command in Rhino 8, creates a watertight mesh wrapping around selected geometry including NURBS surfaces, SubDs, open or closed meshes, pointclouds, and point objects. ShrinkWrap is ideal for creating:

  • Meshes for 3D printing
  • A solid union mesh from multiple objects
  • A solid mesh from 3D scan data fragments
  • Meshes without internal self-intersections
  • Offset meshes for shelling
  • Meshes from point clouds when reverse engineering
  • Valid closed meshes from broken or often hard-to-repair geometry

If you'd like to take a look at ShrinkWrap then check out our new ShrinkWrap video tutorial at

NEW - SubD Creases - SubD, introduced in Rhino 7, provides a complete, spline based, SubD toolset allowing for easy creation and adjustment of freeform and organic forms which could be challenging modelled using traditional NURBS methodology. Rhino 8 introduces SubD Weighted Creases which create a feature between a smooth and a sharp edge, without adding complexity to the SubD control net, great when making fillet-like features. Watch the Simply Rhino SubD Crease Video tutorial at

NEW - PushPull Tools - The PushPull command extrudes a polysurface face to interactively add or remove volumes on the polysurface. It helps to speed up the modelling process and is useful for SketchUp users looking to add Rhino to their suite of CAD tools.

IMPROVED - Rhino for Mac - Rhino 8 comes with significant Rhino for Mac performance improvements. There is a huge speed boost for Mac users, Rhino 8 for Mac is fast, running now natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, and using the Apple Metal display technology. Those familiar with the user interface (UI) on Rhino for Windows will notice that the Rhino for Mac UI is looking more similar to its Windows version too. Find out more and watch our Rhino 8 for Mac Video at

Other New Tools & Improvements include:

  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Section Styles
  • AutoCplane
  • Selective Clipping
  • Improved Gumball

Want to know more? Then visit our Rhino Product page and find out the Key Features of Rhino and details on Rhino training and technical requirements for Rhino 8.

Contact us for more information on Rhino license options or if you would like to upgrade to Rhino 8 or buy a new Rhino 8 license online then visit the Rhino Webstore.

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