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Rhino v7 and KeyShot 10 Sun Study Animation Video

We've just published our latest Rhino and KeyShot video on our sister site at

In the video our Senior Rhino trainer and KeyShot Expert Phil Cook looks at creating a Sun Study animation with Rhino 7 data from KeyShot 10.

Screenshot shows an apartment block modelled in Rhino 3D and rendered using KeyShot 10

Rhino, of course, has the capability to create Sun Study Animations but the benefit of using KeyShot as described is that the Sun Study can be combined with Camera movement and Object animation. The recently shipping KeyShot 10 makes creating this type of animation extremely straightforward and in the video Phil guides us through the simple steps involved.

Want to find out more and watch the video? Visit the Rhino 7 and KeyShot 10 Sun Study Animation video page.

Watch the Video

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