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Image shows 'Galaxia' designed by Mamou-Mani using Grasshopper3d for Burning Man festival 2018

Grasshopper 3D

Grasshopper is a cutting-edge parametric modelling tool which works with Rhino to allow a powerful and efficient new way of designing.

Grasshopper has a host of plug-ins and is included within Rhino v8.


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Included with Rhino v8

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Course: Jewellery Focused Rhino Intro
Start Date: 23 July 2024

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Course: Grasshopper Level 2
Start Date: 4 September 2024

Grasshopper for Rhino 3D

Via a visual programming interface that runs inside Rhino, Grasshopper allows the dragging and placement of components onto a canvas.

Grasshopper Training with our Expert Team

Join the Simply Rhino Grasshopper training team from Mamou-Mani and learn Grasshopper. Start with Grasshopper Level 1 and then continue your Parametric journey with our Grasshopper Level 2 course.

Popular with Students and Professionals

AEC Magazine stated that Grasshopper is "Popular among students and professionals, McNeel Associate’s Rhino modelling tool is endemic in the architectural design world. The new Grasshopper environment provides an intuitive way to explore designs without having to learn to script.”

Grasshopper Rhino Plug-ins

Grasshopper 3D would not be the tool it is without the growing family of Grasshopper plug-ins, a few of the popular ones include Kangaroo – Embeds physical behaviour within your model for simulation. LadyBug & HoneyBee – Environmetal Design tools for the Architect & Engineer. Pufferfish – Shape Blending Tools. Karamba – Structural Engineering Analysis. Octopus - allows the search for many goals at once, producing a range of optimized trade-off solutions between the extremes of each goal. And 100’s of others!

Rhino v8 includes Grasshopper

Grasshopper 3D is part of Rhino v8, it's built into the Installer so there's no seperate download or install required. Grasshopper has a very active and friendly community of users, as a result there's a wealth of options for on-going support, advice and general assistance.

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