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SimLab 3D PDF Exporter for Rhino.

Share your designs in 3D PDF technology.


SimLab Standalone License: £75 + VAT

SimLab Network (Floating) License: £225 + VAT

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SimLab 3D PDF Exporter for Rhino

SimLab 3D PDF Exporter for Rhino is a plug-in that allows the user to share their designs in 3D PDF (Portable Document Format) technology by embedding 3D views in .PDF files; the format is natively supported and interactively visualized by the free version of

There are two versions of the 3DF PDF Exporter for Rhino, you choose either Standalone or a Network License.

  • The Standalone version can be installed on two different machines by the same user
  • The Network version can be installed on a server which can serve multiple users, working in a similar fashion to the Zoo for Rhino

With SimLab 3D PDF exporter for Rhino you can share your protected 3D models easily. The template designer enables you to create stunning templates and use them in the exported 3D PDF files.

Learn more about the SimLab software in this video:

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