Who are we and what do we do?

Simply Rhino have supplied Rhino 3D Software, alongside all key Rhino 3D Plug-Ins, provided Rhino software support, and expertly trained many Rhino customers from all over the UK for more than 19 years.

Image shows a Ring and a Circular Tower Building 3D modelled in Rhino3d Software

Official Rhino 3D Supplier with Expert Support

We are the official supplier for every product listed on our website, this approach and dedication to quality makes us a little different as all customers can be assured they are talking to & purchasing from the official and recognised local supplier.

Rhino 3D and Rhino Plug-in Training

Offering Rhino training activities takes us all over the UK and occasionally abroad, we offer tailored & project specific training both in person and through our live online training sessions, as well as scheduled classes online and using our own classroom facilities, the mentioned scheduled Rhino 3D courses are offered throughout the year.

Formlabs Authorised Reseller

Since 2017 Simply Rhino are an Authorised Formlabs Partner, we have a Formlabs London Studio and Showroom featuring the Formlabs Form 3 and Form 3L Printers and the Formlabs Resin library where you can visit us for printer demonstrations and sales.

Simply Rhino Team - Skill, Experience and Service

As with any business it’s our people, their skills, experience, product knowledge, accreditations and attitudes to customer service that make the difference.

Image shows Joseph Walsh studio presenting at Shape to Fabrication conference organised by Simply Rhino

Rhino UK Events

We organise the Rhino3d plus the Grasshopper UK User Group Meetings, through these Rhino events we help customers showcase their own work, meet designers and fabricators from the same & some diverse industries, share ideas and contacts, these meetings are also used to help shape the future of the product.

Organisers of Shape to Fabrication

Another popular Simply Rhino event is Shape to Fabrication a Biennial conference with a focus on cutting-edge technology, innovative construction with applications in architecture, engineering and design.

Nationwide Rhino Sales, Training and Support

Simply Rhino is the UK's Largest Supplier of Rhino Software offering nationwide Rhino sales, certified training and support. We have sister companies in Ireland and South Africa.

Get in touch to find out more about us and how we can help you

We would love to hear from you, you can contact us directly here and find us on various social media channels including our popular Simply Rhino YouTube video channel where we publish free Rhino tutorials and related event content.

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