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Rhino for SketchUp Users Video Tutorials

Using Rhino like SketchUp, Video Tutorial Series.

Our free video tutorial series where we look at how to use Rhino like SketchUp. This series is delivered by Simply Rhino's senior Rhino3D trainer, Phil Cook, and is ideal for Architects as our focus is an architectural model.

The first video focuses on the Push/Pull editing method in SketchUp and how this can be reproduced in Rhino. We look at how Rhino, despite being perhaps best known in the world of architecture for the creation and development of challenging and complex geometry, can also be the ideal software for smaller and owner-operated architectural practices currently using AutoCAD LT for 2D work and SketchUp for 3D modelling.

 Two storey architectural designed building with a terrace roof and grass and tress in the foregorund.

Find Out More and Watch the Video at our Site

The second video in this series looks at Solid Modelling Tools for Architecture and we pick up where we left off in the first video with the massing study we created in that first tutorial. This time Phil shows us how to add detail to our Rhino model and we are introduced to some of Rhino's solid modelling tools. To finish this tutorial Phil shows us how to set construction planes (C-Planes) and how to create and save a Named View.

Screenshot of the Rhino3D Cad Software modelling interface showing an architectural model of a two storey contemporary building with a staircase.

Find Out More and Watch the Video at our Site

To find out more about how Rhino could help with your CAD workflow then contact the Simply Rhino team - we'll be happy to help.

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