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A trilogy ring featuring 3 saphires with a band of diamonds either side, 3D modelled in CrossGems for Rhino


CrossGems is a solution for Jewellery Designers, it works as a plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper.

Featuring advanced jewellery builders, logical modelling, accurate stone setting tools and much, much more!


CrossGems Square Logo with a C and G aligned with each other with the outline of 2 gem stones in the background.

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Course: Rhino Level 1
Start Date: 2 September 2024

CrossGems, Jewellery Plug-in for Rhino

The complete CAD toolset for jewellery design and manufacturing. CrossGems is built on top of Rhino and includes a complete Grasshopper integration.

CrossGems is defined by easy-to-use jewellery builders as well as interactive library parts, all designed to be your most valuable and useful resource.

Speed up your whole design process and increase your productivity using advanced 3D tools with unlimited possibilities.

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