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Rhino 8 Render Tutorial Video

Architectural Interior Rendering with Rhino 8 and Phil Cook

We've just published our latest Rhino 8 video. In this tutorial our senior trainer Phil Cook, who teaches our excusive Rhino Level 2 course for more advanced Rhino users, turns his hand to a video more suited to beginners, or those new to rendering with Rhino 8.

Render with Rhino 8's built in Render Tools

The subject of the video is an interior architectural scene and we kick-off the tutorial introducing a method of setting up the interior perspective view by controlling Rhino’s camera widget before moving on to look at applying both library and custom materials to scene elements. Phil continues by showing us how to set up the Sun as a source of direct illumination and how to replace the default environment with the Physical Sky model so that the sun and sky connect. In the last phase of the video the final render is created using the Raytrace render engine.

Find Our More and Watch the Video

The full video and more details are available on the channel, simply click to find the video page and watch the Rhino 8 Render video.

Rhino 8 Sun and Sky Render for an Architectural Interior

Interested in finding out more about Phil's courses?

Phil is our Rhino Lead Trainer, he delivers our Rhino Level 2 course that is specially curated by Phil for Simply Rhino with content exclusive to us. Phil also delivers bespoke training and workflows for private clients and companies, including our Rhino Core AEC Training programme.

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