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Meet the Simply Rhino Training Team

Simply Rhino Trainers are all experts in their chosen fields, this gives us the opportunity of supplying you with the perfect Rhino 3D trainer from our diverse team to help with training you or your company.

To learn more about our Rhino Training team simply hover over the images to reveal the trainers particular area of expertise. You can view each trainers full details by clicking on the 'view profile' link too.

Phil Cook

Advanced Rhino

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Sean Cowell


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Arthur Mamou-Mani


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Carmen Hu

Grasshopper and Revit

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Krishna Bhat


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Jack Meyer

Rhino for Jewellery

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Long Nguyen

C# and Python

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Simply Rhino Rhino.Inside.Revit Trainer Deyan Nenov Photo

Deyan Nenov


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'It was a pleasure meeting you and taking the Rhino course with you. Your training is succinct and very thorough and honestly makes every bit of information you convey stick in the head. Sean is a superb teacher, his methodological approach stands out'.
Reda Sejini

'Took the online Grasshopper training classes and learned so much! Would definitely recommend as the instructor is very knowledgeable and accommodating with all the questions and suggestions for things that you would want to learn during the course.'
Sofia Gomez

'Arthur is such a great teacher! He explains everything in detail and he always assure everyone is keeping the pace.' 
Leandro Carbia


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