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Free Rhino Trial License

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There is a generous 90-day evaluation license available for both Rhino 8 for Windows and Rhino 8 for Mac. These are full version trial Rhino licenses, free to download and use, and they work for 90-days.

After the 90-days evaluation period is finished you can no longer save and plugins stop working, then you can choose to buy a Rhino license if you wish to continue working with Rhino.

Important - There is a single legitimate source for the Evaluation version of Rhino v8 for Windows or Mac, this is with the Rhino developers (McNeel) at

Do not be misled into handing over your details anywhere else for sales lead generating & data gathering purposes.

The links below will take you directly to the Rhino developer’s site where you can download the appropriate Windows or Mac Evaluation license for Rhino, these are the only legitimate links you require to download your Free Rhino evaluation license.

We hope you find your Rhino evaluation period useful, if you have any questions regarding working with Rhino then we're always happy to help, there is lots of support options for Rhino, you can read about those on our Rhino Support page.

Following your testing of Rhino we trust you will want to keep working with it and will look to buy a Rhino license for you or your team. Our expert UK Rhino team can help with this, you can contact us for help and offline orders, or if you are based in the UK and wish to buy online then you can simply follow the link below to purchase the Rhino license you require.

Support 206x190

Do you have a question for our Rhino team? Contact us now, we're always happy to help

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