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SubD Crease Video Announced

A great new Rhino command in version 8 is SubD Crease.

SubD Creases are weighted creases with which you can add soft and defined transitions to a SubD form, all without increasing complexity.

Rhino 7 to Rhino 8 - Improved Workflow

Our latest video takes a look at this new command starting with a look back at how you would have handled the workflow with Rhino 7 and the difference now with Rhino 8 and the SubD Crease command. Following this introduction we move on and take a deep-dive with an automotive model, adding and controlling character lines and demonstrating the easy iterations you are able to make now with SubD Crease.

What other new Rhino 8 features are there?

Lots! Check out our Rhino 8 is Shipping Blog post for more information on Rhino 8 and keep an eye out for more new videos specially curated to help you by our team. Plus, have you watched our Rhino 8 - ShrinkWrap video yet?

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