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Rhino Core AEC Training

Rhino workshop delivery to help AEC studios gain the Rhino skills required to produce clean and efficient geometry

Core Rhino training for Architects and Engineers

Image shows a curved silver building modelled in Rhino3d with silhouettes of people in the foreground

Delivering Expert Rhino3D Training to the AEC Community

Rhino Core AEC workshops PDF:

View the workshop outline and objectives document here, you can also download the PDF, share it, and print it.

How to book these workshops:

To discuss how this Rhino Core AEC workshop programme could work for you and your studio then contact the Simply Rhino team. We can discuss the best possible content options for your particular requirements and are able to deliver this training both in-person or online.

Rhino Core AEC Training Workshops

Many architectural studios and engineering practices use Rhino alongside other CAD, modelling, simulation, and visualisation software. This Rhino data needs to be shared with these other applications and in order to avoid translation problems, and time-consuming remodelling, the data needs to be correctly modelled, clean, and efficient.

Image shows a woman in the foreground standing beside a curved wall, modelled in Rhino3d.
Image is a screenshot of a street housing layout from a bespoke Rhino3d training session
Image shows a curved silver coloured stadium designed in Rhino3d

Rhino AEC Workshops Delivering Core Rhino Skills

Our series of Rhino workshops concentrate on the core Rhino skills needed to produce the clean and efficient geometry that is required when working with Rhino and other applications. With these workshops we assume an existing familiarity with Rhino, therefore we build on skills and look to improve existing workflows, interoperability, and efficiency.

Topics covered in this series of Rhino workshops

Rhino Refresher | NURBS Topology | Controlling Sculptural Forms | Surfaces and best NURBS Practice | Solid Objects and good modelling practice | Rhino organisation, Referencing, and Legacy 2D Data | Meshes, Quad Remesh, and SubD Tools | Visualising and Presenting from Rhino

Looking for Bespoke Tailored Content?

Perhaps your needs would be best served by content outside of these Core Rhino workshops? Then let us help you by curating bespoke and tailored Rhino training content for your team. This is a service we provide and can deliver either live or by way of video content made specifically for you. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Meet Your Certified Rhino Trainer - Phil Cook

Phil is an experienced Product Designer responsible for our Advanced Rhino Training and bespoke Rhino workflows for our customers.

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