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Rhino 7 and V-Ray 5 New Features Videos

V-Ray 5 for Rhino - New Feature Videos Just Announced

We've just published two V-Ray 5 for Rhino 7 video tutorials in which we look at some of the new features in V-Ray 5.

rhino7 vray5 truck render

The first video, Rhino 7 and V-Ray 5 - Latest Features Overview, takes a look at features that are debuting in the latest version of V-Ray 5. These features include:

  • Vision - fast preview engine
  • Light Gen - for quick creation of pre-built lighting variations
  • Chaos Cosmos - new content browser
  • Chaos Cloud - renders are sent directly to the remote Chaos render farm
  • Light Mix - lights can be adjusted after the render has been completed

rhino7 vray5 decal glasses

The second video, Rhino 7 and V-Ray 5 - Creating Decals, introduces V-Ray Decals.

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