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Grasshopper Exercise - April 2024

Learn and have fun with Grasshopper!

Grasshopper (within Rhino) is a generative modelling tool that allows for parametric design. Parametric tools, like Grasshopper, offer you the option of applying parameters within your design model, and when these parameters change the software (Grasshopper) will automatically adjust the model and give you variations dependent on the changing parameters. An example of a parameter you may include could be material choice, performance output, or manufacturing method.

Grasshopper is used in various industries and has many applications. It can be used to create generative art, as a parametric modelling tool for structural engineers, architects, and fabricators, and as analysis sofware for eco-friendly projects, including building design and energy consumption studies.

Screenshot showing the output from a Grasshopper3D exercise in a training class. The image shows a wave shaped object with holes in.

Grasshopper Courses for Beginners and Improvers

Our Simply Rhino Grasshopper courses are delivered in association with the experienced team from Mamou-Mani Architects. We help guide both newcomers, and more seasoned users, through the intricacies of computational design on our live online small-group courses. These sessions, for both those new to Grasshopper (Grasshopper Level 1) and those already familiar with Grasshopper (Grasshopper Level 2), are fun and always different.

Course content shaped by you

The content is shaped by our students and the requests happening throughout each sessios. We ensure that the class meets your expectations, and ambitions, for working with Grasshopper software. We trust you’ll leave our Grasshopper courses feeling inspired and ready to use and create with the software, at any stage of design.

Example Grasshopper class exercise - April's Level 1

Our Level 1 course includes the basics of creating and manipulating NURBS surfaces from points. Let’s take a brief look at an exercise we did in a recent class demonstrating this.

Screenshot from an exercise performed in our April Grasshopper Level 1 Class

Surface Generation with Grasshopper

This example illustrates the surface generation following a Sine wave* and associating the generation of cylinders that have variable sizes and diameters based on the curvature of the surface.

Grasshopper Components 

This instance also illustrates the transformation of numbers / values of the cylinder's radius using components like Remap numbers and Graph mapper. The final result is a subtracted boolean surface obtained by trimming the cylinders with the base surface.

Screenshot showing the output from a Grasshopper3D exercise in a training class. The image shows the plan view of 6 shapes.

*What is a Sine wave?

A Sine wave, sinusoidal wave, or sinusoid (symbol: ~) is a periodic wave whose waveform (shape) is the trigonometric sine function.

Interested in finding out more?

Then book on to our next Grasshopper Level 1 Course and join us in exploring and learning! 

Grasshopper Training - Level 1

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