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Rhino to Twinmotion - Introduction to Materials, Characters and Vegetation

Simply Rhino are delighted to be an authorised UK Reseller of Twinmotion software and in our latest Rhino3D tutorial we give an introduction to Twinmotion materials, characters and vegetation.

Watch the Introduction to Twinmotion Video


Scene of a Pavilion modelled in Rhino and Grasshopper and rendered using Twinmotion software, the scene shows added characters and vegetation.

Watch the Rhino to Twinmotion video now at our site and see how we geo-locate the pavilion model and then apply Twinmotion materials and characters. We also look at adding vegetation and then to create a truly dynamic experience we create vehicle and character paths. To close the video tutorial we explain the process of creating and exporting a video.

Have you watched the first video in our Twinmotion tutorial series? If not then find out more about Exporting Data from Rhino to Twinmotion.

If you'd like to find out more about Twinmotion then we have the following options available to you:

Alternatively, if you've already decided that Twinmotion software is right for you then you can buy Twinmotion online now at the Rhino Webstore.


Watch the Introduction to Twinmotion Video


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