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Image of a single-engine RIB modelled in Orca3D


Marine Design Plug-In for Rhino3d.

Naval architecture in Rhino. Written and supported by naval architects, for naval architects.



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Orca3D Overview

Orca3D streamlines your design work with a suite of powerful applications that run within the Rhino3D environment. Conceptualise, model, and analyse, all without transferring files or learning a new program.

Building on Rhino's powerful 3D modeling capabilities, Orca3D provides marine-specific tools for hull design and fairing, hydrostatics & intact stability, and more.

With the Orca3D plug-in, you can conceptualise, model, and analyse your design in a single environment, without the tedious and error-prone task of transferring your design from one program to another.

Orca3D is broken into modules which can be purchased as bundles:

  • Level 1: Hull Design plus Hydrostatics/Intact Stability
  • Level 2: Hull Design plus Hydrostatics/Intact Stability plus Speed/Power Analysis and Weight/Cost Tracking

Image Credits: Top Main Image - C-Fury; Top-left in grid (Key Features) - Bedard Yacht Design; Top-right in grid (Technical details) - Eastport Yacht Company; Bottom-left in grid (Pricing) - Tomra Engineering; Bottom-right in grid (Training) - C-Fury

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