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V-Ray and Rhino Exclusive Promotion

Exclusive V-Ray & Rhino v8 Promotion – V-Ray offer only available from Simply Rhino. Contact us for details on the discounted offer.

  • Discount Applies to V-Ray Solo / Premium / Enterprise – 1 Year & 3 Year Licences
  • This offer runs alongside similar Rhino v8 promotion with same end date of 27th February 2024
  • Call us or complete the contact form to receive full details

Watch V-Ray in action

In this introductory level video tutorial, Phil Cook from Simply Rhino creates a night-time architectural interior render with V-Ray 6 for Rhino 7. Phil examines adjusting the camera exposure and adding interior elements and materials from Chaos Cosmos before going on to add various lights into the scene and adjusting these to suit the night-time exterior environment. The set-up of Rectangular Lights, Mesh Lights, Sphere Lights and Emissive Materials is demonstrated in some detail. Finally, Phil showcases V-Ray Light Mix – a useful tool to make changes to the lighting after the render has completed.

V-Ray Promotion.
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