Rhino for Mac - Learn & Get Started Tutorial 6 - Video Transcript

Rhino3d for Mac Tutorial Series - Curated by Simply Rhino to help you get started and learn Rhino on the Mac platform.

This is the video transcript, published alongside the video, to further support your Rhino learning experience.

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Hi, this is Sean from Simply Rhino and in this tutorial, in order to help you learn Rhino for Mac, we are going to be looking at some of Rhino’s Boolean commands.

Okay, now these are the commands that we are going to be looking at. Click on Solid, and I slide down. I’m looking at Boolean Union, Difference, Intersection and Boolean Two Objects.

So let’s start with a box, solid box, corner corner height. Note the grid snap is on. Top left hand corner in bold, Rhino is asking me for first corner of base. I’m going to define a box whose base is in the top view, four units by four units by four units. So right click on perspective. Let’s change that actually to ghosted.

Now I want to place a sphere on the corner of that box. I slide up to solid, sphere and I’m going to choose the centre radius method. In bold, top left hand corner, Rhino is asking me for the centre of sphere. I find the end object snap in the perspective, left click. Now I bring my cursor over to the front view and define a cube say so big. Note that I’m snapping to the grid which means that the seam, this double thickness line here that I see on the sphere, is horizontal. Okay, I’ve inadvertently moved that, command Z on the Mac keyboard is undo.

Okay, now what I’d like to do is make a series of copies of these objects running along the x axis. If I make my selection, and what I’m going to use is transform, array, linear. It’s going to ask me top left there for number of items. I don’t need to swipe across that box that contains two. All I need to do is type in six and that’s going to overwrite that. Now I’m going to define first reference point. I’m going to choose a point here and just observing in the other views, particularly the front view, just to see the spacing between them. Left click