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Rhino for Mac - Product Design Webinars

In this series, Phil Cook of Simply Rhino demonstrates how initial 2D sketch designs can be taken into Rhino and developed into 3D surface and solid models for further design development.

Using the example of a telephone handset, Phil looks at quick and efficient ways of creating 2D and 3D curves from which the surfaces can be generated, before moving on to adjusting the proportions of the design.

A number of different surface creation toolsare examined along with filleting and blending tools. Finally, Phil shows how to create and verify an STL file for output to 3D printing and rapid prototyping.


About the Presenter 


Phil Cook  


Phil Cook is an experienced product design professional and a senior trainer at Simply Rhino where he is responsible for advanced and bespoke training.



Recorded Webinars


01 Setting out 2D and 3D Curves

  • Importing reference sketches 
  • Creating 2D curves 
  • Setting out 3D geometry 
  • Orient Tools


02 Creating Surfaces

  • Creating initial surfaces 
  • Adjusting proportions 
  • Using History in Rhino 
  • Fillets and transition surfaces


03 Adding Detail

  • Aligning geometry to existing surfaces 
  • Flow Along Surface 
  • Boolean Tools 
  • Output to STL 




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