Meet the Trainers


Phil Cook

Phil is an experienced product designer who has overseen hundreds of designs from concept to production. He has been working with Simply Rhino for over twelve years and is responsible for advanced Rhino training and bespoke Rhino workflows for customers. Phil is also a V-Ray and T-Splines trainer. He has trained many leading creative and engineering businesses including Foster and Partners, HOK, Mothercare, Samsung plus academic institutions including the Royal College of Art and Central St Martins.

Training Focus

  • Advanced Modelling and Surfacing
  • Rhino in Product Design
  • Rhino in Furniture Design
  • Rhino for Architectural Design
  • Reverse Engineering workflows with Rhino
  • Tailored Project Specific Modelling
  • V-Ray for Rhino

Phil also delivers the Scheduled Intermediate / Advanced Modelling, Rhino for Architects & Engineers plus the V-Ray for Rhino rendering classes.



Sean Cowell

Sean’s background in CAD goes back over 20 years, his main experience is in Architecture plus M&E Services Industries. Sean has been a Certified Rhino Instructor since 2006 and delivers the Simply Rhino Introductory classes. Sean is well known to the many hundreds to have come through our Level 1 Day or Evening Classes and those who he has privately trained on site. Sean also delivers training at our annual Rhino Summer School to educators from Schools, Colleges and Universities. 

Training Focus

  • Introductory Modelling Classes, both Scheduled and On-Site Classes

Sean also delivers both the Day & Evening Introductory Rhino3d Scheduled classes and our Rhino Taster Workshops.



Arthur Mamou-Mani aadip. ARB/RIBA, FRSA

Arthur is an Architect and a lecturer at the University of Westminster in London. He has been working with Simply Rhino for the past six years, giving Grasshopper3D workshops to prestigious design and engineering companies including Heatherwick Studio and Foster + Partners as well as many leading academic bodies such as the Architectural Association School of Architecture and UCL-Bartlett. He is the director of the Mamou-Mani Architects and the Digital Fabrication space Fab.Pub. He has won the Gold Prize at the American Architecture Prize for the 'Wooden Wave' project installed at BuroHappold Engineering and the Architizer Award for the temporary installation 'Tangential Dreams' at the Burning Man festival. Arthur has given numerous talks including the TedX conference in the USA and has been featured in The New-York Times and Forbes. 

Training Focus

  • Introduction to Grasshopper
  • Advanced Grasshopper
  • DIVA (Daylight & Energy Modelling for Rhino)
  • Kangaroo Physics-based simulation
  • Karamba Structural Analysis
  • Galapagos and Octopus Evolutionary Solvers
  • Tailored Project Specific workflow with Rhino & Grasshopper
  • Interoperability with BIM 
  • C# plugins for Grasshopper
  • Silkworm 3D Printing 
  • Next Limit Maxwell Render

Arthur also delivers the Scheduled Grasshopper Level 1 and Grasshopper Level 2 classes.



Robert Stuart-Smith

Simply Rhino Instructor Robert Stuart-Smith, Director of RIBA Chartered architectural practice Robert Stuart-Smith Design, co-founding Director of computational design research practice Kokkugia and Studio Course Master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL). 

Training Focus

  • Rhino Development & Automation
  • Python
  • RhinoCommon
  • Python in Grasshopper & Beyond

Robert also delivers our scheduled Python classes.



Rupert Todd

With a background from an early age in silversmithing, goldsmithing and jewellery techniques, Rupert uses Rhino with RhinoGold, V-Ray and Grasshopper. Rupert trained in traditional precious metal smithing at Chesterfield College and Loughborough University before going on to a residency at Bishopsland Trust and the Goldsmiths’ Centre Postgraduate Programme.  In addition to giving CAD training, Rupert uses 3D printing and CNC milling at Wax-Masters to create jewellery and silverware, and this real-world industry knowledge is carried through into training sessions. 

Training Focus

  • Rhino for Jewellery Design
  • RhinoGold
  • Tailored classes for Jewellers and Goldsmiths
  • Rendering for Jewellers

Rupert also delivers the Scheduled RhinoGold classes and our RhinoGold Taster Workshops.



Ping-Hsiang Chen aadip RIBA Part 2

Ping-Hsiang is a computational designer specializing in the domain of parametric design and digital fabrication. He has been teaching Rhino and Grasshopper 3D workshops in the leading academic bodies such as Architectural Association School of Architecture, Shih Chein University, National Taiwan Technology and Science University, as well as professional design studios since 2010. Ping Hsiang Chen completed his RIBA Part 1 and Part 2 at AA School of Architecture and a master degree in Architecture and Digital Media at the University of Westminster. He has worked at KPF, ShaGa studio and is currently an architectural designer at Mamou-Mani Architects and Digital Fabrication expert at FabPub. He has contributed to journals and conferences including Smart Geometry (2013) and has given several talks on the topic of advanced computation in architecture and digital fabrication. 

Training Focus

  • Parametric Modelling in Grasshopper
  • Advanced Data Management in Grasshopper
  • Structure / Environmental Simulation and Analysis
  • Physics Based Modelling in Kangaroo
  • Large Scale Project Workflow and Presentation in Grasshopper 
  • Introduction to Python in Grasshopper

Ping-Hsiang also delivers the Scheduled Grasshopper Level 1 and Grasshopper Level 2 classes.



Simply Rhino Trainer Maialen Calleja Calvo

Maialen Calleja Calvo  RIBA part 1

Maialen is an expert at Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication. She has worked at Mamou-Mani Architects and FabPub since 2014 working on a wide range of projects such as the Flying Leaves for Buro Happold and the Shanghai 3D Printing PopUp Studio. She started her architecture degree in University of Navarra, Spain and finished her degree at the University of Westminster where she is currently completing her Masters in Architecture. Maialen has previously collaborated as an interior designer for Cassandra Sabo Designs at Cockpit Arts in London and she volunteered in Africa in the construction of a school.

Training Focus

  • Introduction to Grasshopper
  • Advanced Grasshopper
  • Ladybug and Honeybee for Grasshopper
  • Kangaroo Physics-based simulation
  • Weaverbird Mesh subdivision
  • Tailored Project Specific workflow with Rhino & Grasshopper
  • Next Limit Maxwell Render

Maialen also delivers the Scheduled Grasshopper Level 1 and Grasshopper Level 2 classes.


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