Rhino 3D Taster Sessions

Jewellery Focused Taster Sessions Suitable for Complete Beginners in CAD and Rhino 3D.

Presented in conjunction with the Goldsmiths' Centre.

Image shows a Solitaire ring modelled in CAD with Rhino 3D

Learn With The Rhino 3D CAD Experts

Upcoming Course Dates

Booking for these sessions is made via the Goldsmiths' Centre website.

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First Steps Into CAD - Online and Live Sessions

Join Simply Rhino and the Goldsmiths' Centre for your introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) with Rhino 3D. Our experienced Rhino instructor will take you through the first steps in getting to know Rhino and will help you understand what you can achieve by having CAD as part of your workflow.

Bring CAD into your Design & Manufacturing Practice

In this two-hour taster session you'll have the opportunity to learn about the Rhino interface, Rhino 3D commands and the best practice techniques which will help start your journey into computer-based 3D design.

Rhino Training Delivered by a Jewellery Expert

The sessions are live and online, delivered by a Jeweller and Rhino Software expert. To take part in the sessions you'll need a PC or Mac capable of running Rhino and the software installed on your computer. Click on the date links in the left hand column to find out more.

pair of shoe lasts modelled using SubD in Rhino 7

Looking for Private Bespoke Training?

Did you know that we can also provide one-to-one, company and industry-specific private & bespoke tuition for Rhino, Grasshopper and related plug-in software? Find out more at our Private & Tailored Rhino 3D Training page.

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