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Choosing the right Graphics Card to use with Rhino v6

Rhino 7 User? Then read our Rhino and Companion Products GPU / Graphics Card Report - February 2022.

The choice of graphics card to purchase and use with Rhino is not always straightforward. The current picture for those making these decisions is confused somewhat further with Rhino v6 for Windows having a new, and at this point, changeable Display Pipeline these developments mean Rhino 6 will generally be far more GPU aware (taking more advantage of the Graphics Card power) than Rhino 5.
This report is for those who wish to understand which investment in choice of graphics card will stand a reasonable test of time, working well for Rhino 5 today and then potentially flying with Rhino 6 for Windows in the future.

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These tests have all been completed using the Rhino 6 WIP* (Work In Progress), this WIP is the in-development version of Rhino which is available to all owners of Rhino 5 for Windows, should you wish to test, give feedback and potentially shape the next version of Rhino this WIP version is for you (download WIP here).

Four up to date NVIDIA cards have been tested with the Rhino 6 WIP*:

  • Quadro P400 – 256 CUDA cores, 2GB GPU Memory – Approx Cost £150
  • Quadro P1000 – 640 CUDA cores, 4GB GPU Memory – Approx Cost £370
  • Quadro P2000 – 1024 CUDA cores, 5GB GPU Memory – Approx Cost £520
  • Quadro P4000 – 1792 CUDA cores, 8GB GPU Memory – Approx Cost £960

A line up of 4 NVIDIA Quadro cards

In order to test the real world performance advantage of the new Rhino v6 WIP display pipeline a large and highly detailed model of an industrial truck was manipulated on screen, this file had the following properties:

  • File Size: 1.4GB
  • Geometry: 7027 polysurfaces, 680 surfaces, 7 extrusions, 3134 meshes
  • Render Mesh: 10 million polygons approx.

Rhino Screenshot of a 3D modelled truck

We also tested the cards in Rhino v6 WIP using a development version of Holomark by Jørgen Holo.

We intend to publish further reports and updates as the Display Pipeline for Rhino 6 continues to mature, if you’d like to stay up to date with this information and access this full current report please register via the form below. We'll send you the full PDF report and ensure you don't miss out on any updates by adding you to our monthly e-news list (should you wish to you can unsubscribe at any time).

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*The Rhino WIP Version we used: Rhino v6 WIP Build 6.07150.8211 30/05/17

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