Arena 4D for Rhino

Rapid Point Tools Visualisation

Arena 4D allows huge point cloud files to be viewed and referenced easily in Rhino 5.

Arena 4D uses a proprietry .vpc point cloud format which allows for fast and effective visualisation. The following point cloud formats can be converted to .vpc format either with the free Arena 4D viewer software or with the VPC Generator built in to the plug-in. 

  • LAS (.las, .laz)
  • E57 (.e57)
  • PTS (.pts)
  • ASCII (.txt, .xyz)
  • Dot Product (.dp) 

Once the .vpc file has been created it can be imported into Rhino using the Arena 4D Rhino plug in and point clouds containing millions of points can be viewed and referenced easily.

Functions include

  • Shading Options
  • Lighting Options
  • Point Cloud Decimation 
  • Point Cloud Clipping
  • Snapping
  • Slicing (Sections) through point cloud 
  • Slicing (Sections) to Curve
  • Point Cloud Opacity
  • Point Cloud Filling
  • Point Cloud Magnification
  • Point Cloud Lighting
  • Customisable Shader
  • Viewpoints
  • Slicing Between Geometry

Multiple point clouds can be imported into the same Rhino model and these can be enabled and disabled easily. All functions inside of Rhino are controlled via the simple Arena 4D Panel which is presented in a familiar Rhino style. 


Download an Evaluation Version 

Watch our recorded webinar 'Introducing Arena4D for Rhino'


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