Panther | Technical Details

System Requirements:


  • 16 GB memory (RAM) or more is recommended
  • 1GB or more disk space is recommended
  • OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended
  • Multiple-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended
  • The SpaceNavigator is supported
  • Apple hardware is supported with Bootcamp

Operating systems

  • Windows 10

Not supported:

  • Linux
  • Windows 8 or 7
  • Windows XP 64-bit
  • Windows Vista, NT, 95, 98, ME, or 2000
  • Windows 32-bit all versions
  • Virtualization systems on OS X such as VMWare and Parallels
  • OS X 10.10.4 (early versions of Yosemite) and any earlier version


  • Rhino 6.0

Internet connection for

  • Download and installation
  • License validation
  • Trial Version

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