Panther | Key Features

Panther Key Features

What are the Key Features of this Jewellery Plug-in for Rhino3D?


Create models from scratch or starting from the interactive part library. Each builder offers unique options for every detail of the design. Built for efficient Jewellery design.


With each design component connected, this allows you to make any changes easily all keeping the model proportions. The design history is automatic and every piece is interactive.

A silver solitaire ring with a single diamond setting
Various shades of gold and platinum on a chain and bauble earrings
Three rings in different shades of gold


Multiple Gem settings available. With Panther you can rely on precision stone setting without compromising your design. Custom setting tools for unique Gems.


Each builder can be defined from scratch or even starting from the gallery which acts as an interactive and customisable part library.


Patterns are the rapid way to create high volume jewellery parts with a minimum amount of metal. Either using patterns from the gallery or adding your own.

a set of simple stacking rings with precious stone settings.
A platinum ring with diamond, ruby and garnet settings
Platinum and gold necklaces with precious stone settings


Panther is built on top of Rhino 6.0 and Grasshopper. Each step of the design is saved, enabling you to make any further adjustments and updating all the steps saved in real time. This is a huge time saving creating or changing designs.


The Cycles integration on Rhino 6.0 as Raytraced Display Mode and all Optimized for Jewellery. Rendering is available through both CPU and GPU computation which ensures the best performance from your machine.

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