Flamingo nXt | Key Features

What are the Key Features of Flamingo nXt?

Flamingo nXt works from within Rhino so there is no need to export data and thanks to the streamlined interface it is easy to get good results within the first few hours of use. Here are some of the Key Features of Flamingo that you'll want to know more about:

Advanced Lighting

  • Default lighting presets for quick setups of common scenes
    • Studio Lighting
    • Exterior Daylight
    • Interior Daylight
    • Artificial Lighting
  • Advance use of high dynamic range images for scene lighting
  • Free library of high Quality HDRI images for lighting
  • Soft shadows calculated automatically
  • Indirect lighting calculated enhancing depth in renderings
  • Lighting Channels allow you to edit light strength in realtime without the need to re-render the scene
  • Automated daylight calculation based on lighting presets

Sophisticated Materials

  • Material templates for common materials
  • Blurry reflections, control over Fresnel effects and reflection styles
  • Accurate Transparency
  • New Bump Mapping
  • Normal Maps
  • True Displacement Mapping
  • Material stored in model for easy transfer to others
  • Drag and Drop material assignment

Advanced Options

  • Progressive Path Tracing - render continues to improve in quality with each pass
  • Less memory needed for models with many instances of the same block
  • Alpha Channel support for compositing in backgrounds or objects
  • Tone Mapping for brighter images
  • Burn Control - White point adjustment
  • Post Processing - No re-rendering required for these effects:
    • Depth of Field
    • Exposure
    • Vignette
    • Glare
    • Haze
    • Glow
    • Wires on/off
    • Text on/off
    • Adjust Lighting Channels
    • Fractal Tree Generator
    • Background rendering option allows modelling whilst rendering

Network Rendering

  • Set multiple computers to render image
  • Distribute render to other computers whilst working

Floating / Network Licences

Flamingo nXt Licences can shared / floated in the same way as Rhino3d, using the Network License Manager called The Zoo or the alternative and externally managed Cloud based Zoo.

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