Formlabs - Post-Processing Suite

Post-processing with the Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure

The Form Wash and Form Cure bring automation to your 3D printing workflow, helping you produce consistent high-quality results faster and with less effort once you've printed them on your Form 2 or Form 3.

Form Wash

Form Wash

The Form Wash provides automated cleaning with parts going straight from your Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 printer to the Form Wash.

Go glove-free by keeping your print on the build platform while the Form Wash gets to work. Leaving you free to get on with your other tasks while the Form Wash does a precise cleaning job for you.

Once washing is complete the Form Wash helps avoid over-soaked and warped prints by automatically lifting your print out of the IPA. Your part will be air dry and ready for you.

What comes with the Form Wash?

  • Hydrometer - A custom hydrometer tool to check IPA saturation
  • Storage space - behind the wash bucket is space to keep your finishing tools neat and tidy
  • Siphon pump - Easy IPA transfer into and out of the wash bucket

Facts & Figures with the Form Wash

  • 15 minutes - approximate wash time when using fresh isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • 8.6 litres - IPA volume for removable wash bucket
  • 70 prints - amount of prints per IPA refill in regular use

Form Cure

Form Cure

The Form Cure has been designed to maximise your materials properties and help you make the very best print.

The advanced Form Cure heating system precisely controls curing temperatures up to 80 degrees celsius.

The heating system preheats the chamber to get parts ready for optimum post-curing. Then, once the chamber is heated, 13 multi-directional LED’s emit the optimal wavelength of light and trigger the post-curing reaction.

The Form Cure’s rotating turntable provides your part with uniform light exposure.

Curing times with the Form Cure

The Form Cure has default time and temperature settings suitable for Formlabs Standard Resins. For optimum performance with all other materials you’ll use unique recommended material settings.

Whatever the time required you’ll know that your Form Cured part is fully cured and ready to work.


Looking to order the Form Wash and Form Cure?

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