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About Our Rhino and Formlabs Events

Rhino, Grasshopper and AR/VR UGM's

We organise Rhino and Rhino 3D related events throughout the year, both in-person at venues around the UK and Online. Our events include User Group Meetings for Rhino, Grasshopper and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR with Rhino & Grasshopper) and smaller workshop style events where we take a closer look at a specific Rhino plug-in or application.

Formlabs Events

Alongside our programme of Rhino, and Rhino related, events we hold Formlabs UK User Group Meetings where Formlabs users, and those looking to find out more about Formlabs print solutions, can gather to discuss, network and watch presentations from customers using Formlabs printers and from Formlabs themselves.

Shape to Fabrication

We are also the organisers of Shape to Fabrication, this is our AEC focused conference where we invite speakers from around the world to join us with presentations featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative construction with applications in architecture, engineering and design.

Find out about our events

You'll find all our event news, including upcoming events and write-ups of previous events, hosted here on our sister site

What events are upcoming?

For a calendar showing our upcoming events check out our events schedule via the button below.

Rhino UK UGM 2019 - Heatherwick Studio presentation

Shape to Fabrication 2018 - Presentation from McNeel

Photo from the Rhino UK User Group Meeting showing the presenter and the audience

Rhino UK UGM 2017 - Carsten Astheimer

Formlabs stand at the Rhino UGM 2019

Formlabs - Rhino UGM 2019

People at an indoor event trying out electronic drawing pad technology

Breakout time - Rhino UGM

Rhino UK UGM 2019 - Presentation from Wilddesign Studio

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