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BEAM - Rhino and Revit Interoperability tool - Enhancing BIM modelling

BEAM connects Rhino with the AEC industry standard Autodesk Revit.


With BEAM you can assign parameters, create families and move geometry across the platforms. BEAM comes with features targeted to assist designers in the creation of models that can fully deliver the creative intent along with all the data needed to bring it into the digital era of Building Information Modelling (BIM).



Seamless Design

BEAM provides tools to assign information and parameters to Rhino's geometrical objects and bring them to Revit easily, updating components and creating a connection between the models saving hours of work.

Designers can now seamlessly combine Revit elements to complementary complex geometry and bring the power of free-form design to BIM.


Local Cache System – You Control the Data 

BEAM uses a customised cache file format to transfer and archive design iterations. The cache location can be defined on a project basis enabling collaboration opportunities between team members.

Using a local cache will keep speed and security at the highest level, while a cloud based system will allow distant collaboration.

No servers required, only the preferred storage platform.


Simply Rhino are the UK supplier of BEAM. Contact us for more BEAM information or if you're ready to buy your BEAM license and would like to do so online, you can visit the Rhino Webstore to make your purchase.

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