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Working with Rhinoceros 5.0 (for Windows)

Working with Rhinoceros 5.0 (for Windows)


Working with Rhinoceros 5.0 by Michiel van der Kley

Exclusive User Guide : Included with Rhino for Windows Software Purchases 

Working with Rhinoceros 5.0 is a user and instruction guide for Rhino 5.0 for Windows , the 3D CAD modelling program for architects, product and furniture designers, jewellers, artists, sculptors and many more creative professionals.

This new book is available at £26.00 plus £3.00 shipping. Total £29.00 inc VAT. The book can be purchased on line by visiting our Rhino Webstore here.

This guide to modelling with Rhinoceros for Windows will teach you, step by step, how to make the most of this versatile 3D CAD program. The book describes drawing in 2D, building in 3D, editing in 3D, materials, light, rendering, the export possibillities, scripting and  a lot more with many examples. New features within Rhino3d 5.0 are also explained.

Following the previous title “Working with Rhinoceros 4.0” this new Rhino 3d book include new exercises and six totally new chapters in which, amongst other things, Grasshopper, sub object modelling plus the control & use of degrees for superior surface control techniques is also explained.



An introduction to rendering covering Flamingo nXt and V-Ray for Rhino is also included.

Written in plain English, explaining the basics with many useful illustrations, the book allows you to work yourself through this guide and become a 3D artist. Visualise your ideas and concepts clearly and with perfect accuracy.

The book is divided in two types of chapters:

Within the book certain chapters are highlighted, these chapters explain the program from start to finish.  Working through these chapters in order, you’ll find this logical step by step approach an excellent way to progress from beginner through to higher levels of product knowledge & confidence.

The remaining chapters are the so called ‘Do-Chapters’. You can work through these chapters without any previous knowledge of the other chapters, they act as standalone and complete Rhino3d tutorials.  Useful if you feel like diving in and handy because you gain practical knowledge of the program with each chapter. 

This Book is shipped free of charge with purchases of Rhino3d 5.0 for Windows software. In order to claim your free user guide please quote “Rhino3d Book” with any Rhino3d 5.0 for Windows purchase instruction.  This offer is limited to one book per customer unless otherwise agreed.



01. Navigating in the Rhino 3D world 
02. Drawing in 2D
03. Editing in 2D
04. Surfaces
05. Solids
06. Editing in 3D
07. Sub object modelling and editing Solids
08. Free form modelling
09. Degrees
10. History
11. Deformation Tools
12. Materials
13. Light
14. Rendering, Basics
15. Flamingo nXt
16. V-Ray
17. Organizing
18. Personalizing
19. Export possibilities
20. Grasshopper
21. A Chair
22. Finally


Do Chapters 

01. a Napkin ring
02. a Shape board
03. Scripting a Rubbish bin
04. Duplo brick; part 2
05. Adding a structure
06. a Soft pillow


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