Rhino v7 Announced and Shipping

Today, December 9th 2020, Rhino v7 has officially shipped!

Rhino v7 SubD Multipipe Command in use

This significant new version of Rhino (Rhino3d, Rhino 3D, Rhinoceros) has many new features, including:

  • SubD including the new Multipipe function
  • Rhino.Inside Revit Technology – Freeform modelling for BIM
  • Precision SubD and advantages over previous v6 based modelling strategies.
  • QuadRemesh
  • Named Selections
  • Layout Improvements
  • Refit Trim
  • Edge Continuity Analysis
  • Rendering and Display Improvements
  • Layout Integration (new in Rhino 7 for Mac)

Rhino v7 for Mac Layout Screen

For those who are already using Rhino then there is a limited time upgrade offer to Rhino v7 from any previous Rhino version, this offer runs until March 11th 2021.

Our Rhino product page has info on Rhino, including the key features, pricing information, training and technical details.

Rhino v7 SubD Alternative Screenshot

We’re hosting a Rhino User group Meeting next week, December 16th, at which we’ll be showing a demo of some of Rhino v7’s new features along with a live Q&A with McNeel (developers of Rhino). Find out more details on that meeting and sign-up for your free place here.

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