Formlabs Form 3+ Launched

Formlabs Launch the Form 3+ Printer and Build Platform 2

As a Formlabs Authorised UK Reseller we are pleased to announce the newly launched Form 3+ 3D Printer and Build Platform 2.

Watch this short video and see the new features of the Form 3+ Printer:

How is the Form 3+ different to the Form 3? There are hardware changes which mean the Form 3+ offers improved print speeds, surface finish and reliability.
Already have a Form 3 or Form 3B? Then download the very latest version of PreForm and update your Form 3/Form 3B firmware and take advantage of 20-40% faster prints, make support removal easier, and utilise new features such as sleep mode and preheating.
Want to find out more about the Form 3+ and the new Build Platform 2? Then sign-up for this free Formlabs Webinar happening on 26th January 2022.

The New Form 3 and Build Platform 2 Webinar

What you will learn by attending the webinar:

  • An overview of the full Formlabs SLA ecosystem
  • Walkthrough of improvements that come with the Form 3+
  • Overview and demo of the Build Platform 2

Free Webinar Sign-up

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