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PreForm and Dashboard Software

Alongside the Formlabs suite of printers is the Formlabs software that helps setup your prints, manage them and monitor your print operation; PreForm and Dashboard.

Print Preparation with PreForm

PreForm is Formlabs print preparation software and this is where you’ll start your Formlabs print journey once you’ve designed the model you want to print. PreForm is free to download and easy to learn, it uses advanced, proprietary calculations to generate supports and optimise print settings for each printed part. You can update your printers Firmware from PreForm too, every PreForm installation includes the latest version of your printers Firmware, so you can stay up to date.

Your PreForm workflow will look like this:

Step #1 - All good 3D prints start with a good CAD model. Ensure yours is primed for 3D printing and export it as a valid STL or OBJ file from your CAD software.

Step #2 - Import your STL or OBJ file into PreForm. PreForm is available for Windows or Mac. You can check out the latest version for your Formlabs printer and download it from the Formlabs website directly here. NB* We recommend you keep your PreForm version up to date.

Step #3 - Use PreForm to set up your prints layout, orientation and supports.

Step #4 - Once your set up is complete send the .FORM file that PreForm will create to your Formlabs printer and start to print! 

Here are some useful videos looking at PreForm software:

PreForm: What does it do?

A look at the PreForm interface and tools. Watch this video and understand how PreForm works.

PreForm: Successful Printing

A look at how to orientate and support your parts for successful printing with the Formlabs SLA printers.

Manage Printers, Materials and Teams with Dashboard

Register for Dashboard and you can stay informed wherever you are. With Dashboard you can:

  • Get notified when a print starts, finishes or when a printer needs attention (your resin is running low, for example)
  • Stay organised by remotely managing multiple printers, great for when you’re scaling up your 3D printing operation
  • Keep track of your tank usage and monitor resin levels, you’ll be able to know before it’s time to restock and won’t run the risk of running out of materials or resin tanks
Watch Formlabs Dashboard Registration and Setup Video

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