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3D Printing with Rhino and the Formlabs Form 2

Being Rhino3d specialists we naturally focus on Rhino as the CAD programme used in this video - any good 3D print starts with a valid STL and we show you how to best create yours in Rhino, and print it!

We are often asked for advice on creating .STL files from Rhino and in this video we look at the steps you should take within Rhino to ensure the STL output is valid for 3D printing. Our model is a scraper and our focus is on ensuring the scraper geometry is correct before creating the mesh STL file. We look at common mistakes and how to fix them, then, once we have our correct geometry we take our valid STL file in to PreForm.

PreForm is the software that comes with the Formlabs printers and we open our STL file within PreForm and show how best to orientate and support the model to ensure a successful 3D print. When we are happy with our PreForm set-up we send the model to print on the Form 2. The Form 2 uses inverted SLA technology to produce detailed prints in a variety of resins including a standard Grey resin which is used for our scraper as it's perfect for general purpose prototyping.


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