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Formlabs Resins & Consumables Overview

If you are already printing with a Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+ or Form 3L printer from Formlabs you'll be familiar with the Resin Tank, Build Platform and Resin Cartridges. These are three items that will need replacing when they either wear, in the case of the Resin Tank and Build Platforms, or run, in the case of Resin, out.

Formlabs Resin Cartridges

Formlabs have formulated their resins in-house, developing a materials range that delivers top-quality output with great detail alongside durability and toughness. The cross-compatible cartridge system means the Resin Cartridges work with the Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B and the Form 3L.

Formlabs Resins are divided into families, each with a particular speciality area. These are:

Find out more about the material families and the individual resins available in the main menu and choose from a great selection of resins for your Formlabs printer.


A selection of 3D printed models in the Formlabs library of resin materials
A selection of rings 3D printed using Purple, Grey and Clear resins from Formlabs
A Skull, hand and other skeletal parts 3D printed for medical applications.

Formlabs Resin Tanks

The Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L use different resin tanks. We recommend a different resin tank for each different resin you want to print with. Switching materials is easy with a separate tank for each individual resin colour - just slide in a new tank and its corresponding cartridge and you’re printing with a different material.


Form 3 Printer sat on a work bench with the Form 3L, Form Wash and Form Cure in the background.
A gloved person holding an empty Form 3 resin tank.
The Form 3 set-up including a printer, build platforms and a stacked set of resin tanks.

Formlabs Build Platforms

Make your workflow faster with a spare Form 2, Form 3 or 3L, build platform. With another build platform you can start a new print straightaway, while you clean and remove your current model from its build platform ready for the following print.


Shows a Form 3L and Form 3 Build Platform with prints on them to demonstrate full build volume of the printers
Shows a gloved hand removing a form 3 Build Platform from a Form 3 printer with a clear resin print on it
Shows a Form 3L build platform with various white 3D models on it

You can visit our London Formlabs studio to learn more or if you are looking to buy Formlabs consumables you can order online for same-day delivery in London or next-day delivery within the UK from the Rhino Webstore here.

If you're looking for help or support with using your Formlabs printer and consumables then check out our Formlabs Support page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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