A sailing yacht at sea, the image is a render that is 3D modelled in Rhino3d and rendered in Flamingo nXt


Flamingo is an easy to use photorealistic rendering solution for Rhino3D, developed by McNeel - the developers of Rhino3D itself.

Current version is Flamingo nXt.


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Flamingo nXt: £425 + VAT

Flamingo UPGRADE to nXt: £250 + VAT

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Flamingo nXt Overview

Flamingo nXt works from within Rhino3d, there is no need to export data and thanks to the streamlined interface it’s possible to get good results within the first few hours of use. Simply assign a preset lighting model, choose an environment, drag and drop materials from the included library and press the render button.

Realistic results are achieved by simulating the way in which real light behaves. Interior and exterior daylight simulations plus HDR image based lighting are all easily enabled via Flamingo nXt presets. Indirect illumination, refraction and complex blurry reflections can also easily be incorporated into the scene. Flamingo nXt uses progressive path ray tracing - the rendered image refines over a number of passes. Whilst blurry reflections and complex shadows will need quite a few passes to refine, the overall scene can be viewed after one or two passes and, if judged that adjustments to (for example) lighting or materials are needed, the render can be stopped without having to wait for the detailed render to complete.

There are quite a few Rendering options for Rhino3d users, some are plug-ins some are standalone renderers. Some are faster, some are easier to use, where we can help is in explaining those many differences and helping you find the best solution for your particular focus.

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Page Image Credits - Main Image: Nicola Romani | Grid, Clockwise from Top Left: Christopher Soto Gutiérrez; Ryan Wynott; Murat Bakis; Murat Bakis.

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