A sailing yacht at sea, the image is a render that is 3D modelled in Rhino3d and rendered in Flamingo nXt


Flamingo is no longer available to buy or evaluate.

Rhino 7 has a new advanced renderer that replaces Flamingo.


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Flamingo nXt - Sunsetting

Flamingo has been replaced by the new renderer in Rhino 7.

You'll find many modern advances in Rhino v7, including:

  • Physically Based Render (PBR) Materials
  • Rendering Denoisers for fast results
  • Advanced lighting
  • Realtime in viewport working mode
  • Plants and shrubs are supported by purchase of LandsDesign for Rhino plug-in

Looking for a Plug-in Renderer for Rhino?

Alternative rendering solution for Rhino 3d include V-Ray for Rhino, KeyShot, and also Twinmotion.

If you're interested in discussing your render requirements then get in touch, we can help guide you to the most appropriate rendering solution for your projects, customers and industry.

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