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Use Rhino and Mindesk to design and collaborate within a VR environment


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Course: Rhino Level 1
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Mindesk Overview

Presenting Virtual Reality as a Design Tool

Imagine your Rhino models experienced at real world scale, edited live in VR with Mindesk, that’s the beauty and appeal of Mindesk.

Mindesk - Rhino - Unreal Studio

That’s not all either as Mindesk links Rhino with Unreal Studio, so you now have modelling control plus the material, lighting and environmental controls of Unreal, Mindesk offers real-time modelling and rendering in Unreal.

Your Grasshopper script updated live in VR And the killer feature, script with Grasshopper and see live results in VR and in Unreal Studio.


  1. Live VR Design for Rhino
  2. Live link in Unreal
  3. Grasshopper Support

= the most exciting VR tool for the Rhino community - Immerse yourself today!

Two engineers using Mindesk technology in virtual reality to design an engine

Some of the major benefits of Mindesk:

  • Bring your client into your early concept discussions, gain approval sooner and move projects forward
  • Rhino model to VR in one click, no complex conversion process
  • Live Link, update in Rhino or Grasshopper – Model updates in VR and Unreal Studio
  • Access your Grasshopper canvas inside a VR environment, see results in real-time
  • Mindesk supports all major headset devices including HTC Vive, Oculus and Varjo

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